Haight on Investment in Casino Table Games

“Return of and on” investment is the goal of a purchase of futures. “Time of turn” and “liquidity” of an “asset” are as important as “loss recovery” and “risk diversification.” Dealing in futures requires product and market knowledge, be it pork bellies, citrus, copper, gold or a dice throw. All futures either gain or lose value. Futures are  a risk market where investor skill is required to profit.

Certain casino table games are a futures market for an investor.  You’re invited to order HAIGHT ON INVESTMENT FOR CASINO TABLE GAMES,  an overview of the market trading floor (the casino) and which should be read by anyo ne before  actually visiting a casino. The book is only about 60 pages and is included in my books dealing with specific games. If you purchase one of my regular table game books, this will be included as part of the books. 



My books develop accounting routines for control of randomized cash flows. They are  written for investors, not gamblers. You can replicate all testing. When you do it yourself, you will have certainty. Do this before going to a casino.

Life is too short to  mess around with that which doesn’t work.  Just click on a title to see how to order a book.

NEW ERA  SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BACCARAT  is the most authoritative book about betting casino Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat available, anywhere, at any price. Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat can be large cash flow businesses. The text is about 300 pages devoted to changing baccarat into a cash flow business.  $19.95

NEW ERA SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BLACKJACK  Blackjack is  the toughest of winnable table games.  The dealer can lose and still have a win. Card play decisions of the bettor  affect the chances of winning or losing a hand.  “Card counters” fail because they use an inferior betting strategy.  Superior card play and effective betting systems change Blackjack into a low cash flow business. Cash flow versus investment will be low because the number of hands per hour are limited.  $19.95

NEW ERA SYSTEMS FOR CASINO CRAPS is a revolution in casino craps betting. Craps is the safest and least costly betting venue in the casino except the randomity of the game is occasionally disrupted by  those with knowledge of controlling dice throws. A course in controlled dice throws is  part of the text. Casino craps can be a large cash flow business  because of the number of  bets may be put per hour.   $19.95

NEW ERA SYSTEMS FOR CASINO ROULETTE is about 300 pages of analysis and testing of the most effective income strategies ever developed for Roulette. Roulette  is a large cash flow business because of the number of bets that may be made per hour.$19.95


I have been where you are now; needing information that lives up to the description as published. A betting system must be practical for my investment “buy in” bank (normally $200) and my purchasing dollar requires the greatest value.
I will not use overstatement or hyperbole. My books show the reader how to replicate the same tests used to sustain conclusions. My books deliver exactly as stated.

I bought a craps system from the following author about 10 years ago. He delivered an honest product.  I have not purchased this book, I do not plagiarize. Click the following link to review his product:
 THREE GUARANTEED TO WIN CRAPS STRATEGIES Three Excellent Craps Strategies That Have Been Sold For Much Higher Prices As Hard Copy.

The following author understands “card counting” and knows why it is not functional for the majority of Blackjack bettors.  Apparently he worked with much the same material as I and I may buy his system. Click the following link to review his product:

EASY MONEY BLACKJACK SYSTEM -Discover the winning secret. A Better Blackjack Strategy That Requires Minimal Concentration & No Card Counting

Do not risk actual money with any betting system until thorough “kitchen table top” testing. Use at least two hundred decisions. The results of roulette spins closely approximates the randomity of any table game. 

ROULETTE PHYSICS, http://www.roulettephysics.com, delivers the physics of handicapping actual live roulette wheels, a form of bet selection.

Roulette Physics has given permission to post  a link to a well-designed roulette wheel simulator http://www.roulettephysics.com/free-roulette-simulator/  If you are unable to visit a live casino, this is your best source of obtaining decision trees for research.

Sometimes, Internet casinos may be the only gaming option. Great caution is urged in selection of an Internet casino.

Roulette Physics reports that Casino Luck has never refused payment.  I am an affiliate marketer.   I would not be unless Casino Luck had a spotless reputation.

casinoluckAn Internet Casino, LEGAL FOR USA BETTORS:

Fortune Jack converts US dollars into Bitcoin,  a crypto-currency that’s generally not accepted as “real money.” Residents from the USA can legally play there. You can purchase Bitcoins to play, and convert Bitcoin winnings back to real money.

fortunejackbanner2To understand Bitcoin, read the following promotion page (you may or may not decide to purchase the product) for a slightly out of date description.

bitcoin bannerAn investment in Bitcoin is similar to dealing in Forex (Foreign Exchange). A purchase may decline or appreciate compared to your purchase dollar.

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